Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Stage 2: Tijuana to Puerto Vallarta

DISCLAIMER: This post is mainly photos for now, more verbiage later.. Mexican Internet Çafe´s have unusable keyboards. I could be here all day.
Baja is trying to kill you.

You´ll climb and descend some of the scariest roads you can imagine, with trucks whizzing by and shoulders that drop off into certain messy ends.

It´s really not that bad. People in Mexico are extremely friendly - offering you encouragement and honks, food and water, and always a place to stay.

I met Brian in Ensenada. We rode through Baja together, and from Mazatlan to Puerto Vallarta.
 Cooking dinner hidden in a wash near a weird town.

Camped near Catavina in a valley full of Cirio trees, saguaro, and amazing giant granite boulders.

 Giant Saguaro

This lil´buddy flew into the breakfast joint in Catavina, I helped him find his way out.
It´s a big place.

Not much here but your thoughts.

Only shade for a couple hundred kilometers. It was awesome.

The long flat road from Guerro Negro.

Extinct volcano chain in the clouds.

 Jungle Jim has a brother in Mexico!
Chris Costas secret bar in Loreto.

Bahia de Concepcion

Robin and  I having a tan line contest.

Bike Train! Brian, Abe, Robin!

 So many roadside shrines and crosses in Mexico, always keeping you on your toes.
 Brian found some sweet ass shoes..

But they fit Robin way better. They were Cortez´s long lost magic shoes.
Beauty of a sunrise.
 Abe and Robin were packing surf boards, they rode from Tahoe to Oregon and down the coast through Baja. Studs.
 Abes sweet pride wheel.
 More of that beauty of a sunrise.
 Carlos was all about helping us, we camped at his farm.
 Carlos showing Abe where the surf´s at.
 Brian and I made it to La Paz!
The dirty ferry we were on for nearly 20 hours. Got sick from some food while on there, not super fun.
 The moon and the Sea of Cortez
 The mainland is green, lush, hot, and humid. This guy was mobbing with his sugar cane.

 Machaca = Breakfast of champions.

 The ole fashioned way.
 Tepic is beautiful.
Jungle on the way down to Puerto Vallarta.

Here are some random iPhone photos !