Monday, August 23, 2010

Bear Scouting

Stank Guy

Coach and Mandela Joe and I had a romp up and down Yuba pass on the dirt machines.  Fishing was out because Hurricane Hugo's ghost child decided to haunt the valley below and give us the rad blow back hair on the climb.

665 Newtons per fathom
Bears walk on the moon, 1942
Spooked a mama and her cub and on their way up the steeps she broke a huge dead-fall like it was Nancy Kerrigan's knee.
Make a dirt rainbow.
You really missed out, shoulda been here yesterday.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Waitin' for the Wind.

Recycled some cogs, shifter cables, a wheel, some chains, and a horse.
Welcome to the 501 House.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Shred of Ages

Got the new bitch today. She screams like it's murder every time, but I still keep relaxed, pumping away.  She's nimble as a gazelle.  But I do need to soften it up a bit in the front. Put some padding in there for my hands, maybe a new ass too. FIZIK? Fuck that. Went and shredded some Peavine singletrack for a few hours, went down, laughed, climbed, almost puked, bombed past some padded (fat) DH wussies,

crashed, jumped, sprinted home with a smile.
I love the dirt and getting dirty more than Madonna in "A League of Their Own".
SLIDE DEVIL WOMAN!  There's no crying in baseball.
Let's. Go.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Bob Roll is the Man.

I'm back. Out of a long period of drinking too much, dabbling too much, not doing anything productive outside failing at my dream trip. I've finally pulled my head out, I'm getting back in shape, getting mentally stronger and not stranger, I'm feeling good, taking control again, and ready to kick some ass. To better sum it up, From the opening page of the SSWC 2009 magazine (BEST RACE EVVVVVVERRRR, Single Speed Worlds Durango will NEVER be topped!) Ladies and Gents, I give you Bob Roll.

"Leather Jackets and Ghetto Blasters"

Knowledge is not always Power,
Sometimes knowledge is pain
Reconciliation with a love that
can't happen/with a love for a
life that will never come
to pass is the day you lose,
Loss and abandonment is what
love and life give until the end
of our days.
I spent all my Tour de France money
on faithless women, leather jackets
and ghetto blasters - the rest
I just squandered.
But to love the squalor
is the key to the kingdom.
Although I wasted my money and
can no longer afford derailleurs,
I still love to ride - so it
will be single speeds until the day
I die.