Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I use trapped air techno on a switch rod.  The ladies like the extra reach, and some of the fellas too.  Cry blaspheme! 

Of rockstars and dirtnaps.

Perhaps it's better to have your video camera in yer hand than your rod these days, especially if you're into celebrity sex tapes and fishing.  Saw some dudes floating through d-town Reno the other day with both, hollering like it was the 2nd Coming and casting to cast only if they were looking through the viewfinder first.
Makes me a bit sad.
The rockstar mentality killed off snowboarding for me, nothing personal or righteous in the realm of the self, but wholly from the fact that the faith of such a lifestyle was placed on cred and style and not for the reason you started hiking up the hill in Sorel's with icey fingers to hit a shitty kicker you built with your buddies.

Sure I like to shoot some video and take shots of the hogs I get lucky enough to hold, but it's not the reason I stay up tying flies and get 4 hours of sleep and jump in with the boys early on hung-around as Doc Holliday.

I know that there are guys who've been around this longer than I've been alive, and I'm sure they've got opinions too.  I'm not going to say I'm trendy because I'm an alcoholic outdoorsman that enjoys the self-wrought struggle I bring to my table that so many before me that I've admired have done.
I'm not exempt from these claims, nor am I dependent upon them.

There's a fickle pencil stroke between choice and circumstance, and absolution can only come from one of these.

 Elevating your passion into an egocentric frame grants the theft of your fire, and nobody is gonna save it except for you and your breath.

Shoot your videos, make your money shots, but remember why you do the things you do.