Friday, September 30, 2011

This Is It.

I've kept it under wraps for months and months.  I didn't tell a god damn soul until 2 months ago.  I don't think I could deal with another failure like Alaska last year.  That still stings more than you can know.

I'm jumping on my bike and pedaling south, either to the end of the world in Tierra Del Fuego or until I run out of money, whichever suits me.

Last day of work today.
First day of homelessness.

I am sticking around till the 10th - The 8th is the first day of chukar in Nevada, and the first Sharks game of the regular season is that night.  Birds and hockey.

I need to be humbled.  I need to get away from this town.  I need to get out of the first world.
Too many complainers, too many complacent people dragging me down.

It's hard for most people to understand why you would want to get rid of nearly all of your possessions and ride a bicycle alone for months at a time.

That's fine.  Hopefully I can explain a bit of the why the next few months.

First leg - Reno to San Diego.

Keep your ears open.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Rocking for Mounties.

The grass was Jurassic Park sized. Saw 4 raptors. And a triceratops.
You can kick every chunk of manzanita, or you can hire some hyper dogs.
First tacos of the year.
It was a good start to the season. 

Monday, September 5, 2011

Thanks Djod!

For holiday weekends and hell raising.

For both Joe and Coach falling in the river at the exact same time on opposite banks. (Snipers are always the excuse.)

For the golden stones deciding to hatch in August/September this year and the crack like response from the troots.

For Joe's father and his thick South African accent (which in a quiet room is, at best, barely decipherable) and his incessant need to tell you every detail of what he's doing two riffles down over the roar of mid-river - "Eh, Lar-ree! Goableshaunts and piss coff tanquas! Ahahahah ehh?!!"
Sure thing, Mr. Bentel.

Catching an all dry fly grand slam on the Truckee.

Hooking a cutthroat on the bait chuckin' leader loop sticking 3 inches out of his mouth.

And a special "You're an asshole, a real big one." to the guy typing away on his smart phone for over an hour whilest his young son struggled to figure out what fishing was all about.

A good few days on the water. Bird season (the first one I care about) is in 4 days. See you and your dog in the hills.