Monday, August 24, 2009


I'm glad I got a summer with this one, now she's wearing my shirt in AK catching char.

That's one you don't catch and release. Maybe it's time I move to AK.


  1. What kinda fish hold is that? Maybe a cross between a Bananna Dick and a Good Morning Vietnam.

  2. Pretty much nailed it, maybe a little side Fonz.

  3. ahaha give me a break gilligan..... it was amateur hour, ok

  4. Kayla, you need to check these out to understand.
    Go to this is and on the bottom bar it lets you select an issue, it says "Back Issues". Pick the following and go to these pages. Fun time funny funs. - Issue 05 page 17 - this issue has and interview with Mikey and he's snowboarding on the cover. - issue 17 page 45

    And on further analysis, It looks like a cross between a Guitar Hero and Greazy Mitts.

  5. well is that case what would you call this one?